Giving children their right to childhood

How Mitsuko Started

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in – Graham Green

Mitsuko Trust was started on 9 December 2009. Its aim is to develop and sustain an environment which facilitates and encourages the participation of children in experiential activities that will make them aware of their rights, the very foundation of themselves, and empower them with the tools and the knowledge to assert their rightful place in shaping all matters pertaining to their welfare.

Mitsuko, meaning ‘child of the light ray’, is named after a dear friend who visited India regularly and was moved by the disparities and hardships of life in India, especially that of children. She wanted to help uplift children in India. Following her passing, her husband Daniel wanted to respect her wishes and from this Mitsuko Trust was founded. The Trust derives its essence and inspiration from its namesake, Mitsuko.