Giving children their right to childhood


Mitsuko strives to create enabling environments which give freedom to expression, ideation and creativity. Through activities, children will grasp the meaning of childhood and their full, responsible claim to it. They will know to call upon or present their rights if they are ever endangered or questioned and know the responsibility that the possession of these rights require.

This is especially important for the empowerment of underprivileged children, to bring out their aptitude and an understanding of the need for and availability of child rights, to provide them with amenities and opportunities that they otherwise do not have access to, and to help them stand up to abuse and isolation.

Mitsuko encourages children to decide for themselves, whether regarding the activities they want to pursue, the issues they want and feel the need to discuss or the resource persons with whom they feel and comfortable and want to work. Participation allows for self-awareness and the discerning of situations within which the self operates, in turn enabling the articulation and assertion of needs and opinions.