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Alok Johri and Shreyaragi Israni have conducted art sessions for the children of Mango Tree Trust and Hamara School at the Mitsuko Panjim center. These sessions are well attended and enjoyed. Aloks Quote – ‘being an artist and working with children for over 10 yrs through NGO’s in India and abroad,it is for the first time that I have an opportunity to work with an organization Mitsuko trust,where I notice it’s the children who are given an opportunity to voice their opinions,choices and ideas to make their lives better.’ Harshada Kerkar one of our resource persons has started ‘Children of the Creek’ to bring together street children living near the creek in Tamdi Mati and explores art through multimedia As most of the the children are drop out from schools ,art offers them an alternative and an outlet for their emotions and creativity .Over time the number of children have increased but resources are limited.

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Art classes for a month Rs. 10,000/-
Art class for a year Rs. 1,20,000/-

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