Giving children their right to childhood

How Mitsuko Started

Mitsuko Trust started on 9th December, 2009 has a Center in Panjim, Goa with an environment which facilitates the participation of children in various activities.

The goal is to make children aware of themselves, their rights which in turn will facilitate their growth learning and enjoyment. We strive to create an enabling environment through various activities for children,to facilitate expression of their thoughts,ideas and creativity freely. Through these activities the children are able to express themselves in order to understand the meaning of ‘ ‘childhood’ and that every child has a right to be a child and that every child has the right to ask for their rights responsibily.

This is especially true of underpreviledged children. In the long run it helps bring out their apptitude . understanding of the need for child rights and therefore empowers them to find ways of moving forward given the environment they live in and the lack of amenities they have no access to. It also helps teach them to stand up to abuse and isolation.

The trust is named after Mitsuko – a friend who was a regular visitor to India and who was moved by the vicissitudes of life in India especially that of children. After her death her husband Daniel wanted to respect her wishes which led to the birth of Mitsuko Trust or “Child of Light” which in Japanese is the meaning of her name.